Illinois Representatives highlight importance of safe working environment

Illinois Representatives talk about highlighting importance of a safe working environment.

On Monday, several Illinois Representatives talked about their desire to see those in legislation serving and protecting those they represent while also asking for a safe working environment.

Those in attendance said they are tired of seeing those in power using their positions to intimidate people, praise the women who have already come forward to tell their stories and said they stood with them.

“My top concern is accountability in Springfield. It is time we start holding our elected officials accountable for their actions. Or frankly, their in-actions,” Republican Candidate for the 49th District Tonia Khouri said.

This press conference happened after Representative Lou Lang and Clerk of the House Tim Mapes were both accused of harassment.

Representative Jeannie Ives also spoke and said she hopes this is a wake-up call and hopes it will change the culture for those in legislation.

NewsChannel 20 reached out to House Speaker Michael Madigan's Spokesman and he said the speaker will continue doing his job and says actions are being taken.

NewsChannel 20 also asked the Senate Democrats' Spokesman about today's press conference. He said that they are constantly finding ways to improve the process of a safe work environment.

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