Illinois Proud Penny Drive gets students involved

    Illinois proud penny drive gets students involved

    Monday marks the first day of the Illinois Proud Penny Drive where schools across Sangamon County are raising money to bring back an important Abraham Lincoln artifact.

    A penny may not be worth much and sometimes can be found on the most random places.

    "I found one hiding in my couch," a kindergartener said.

    More than 60 schools in Sangamon county are trying to raise over a million pennies. All to bring history back to Sangamon County.

    "This document certifies that Lincoln was a man of good moral character and you needed that certification back in the 18 hundreds to become a lawyer in Illinois," Rep. Sara Wojcicki Jimenez said.

    They are working together to purchase the Sangamon county minute book from Lincoln’s time.

    "I’m so excited," a kindergartener said.

    The document is currently in the state of New York and is being sold for $15,000.

    "The story be the kids in Sangamon County were able to raise some money to buy this cool Lincoln artifact and give it to the state for its 200 birthday," Rep. Sara Wojcicki Jimenez said.

    The penny drive is two weeks long.

    Community members can also participate by dropping off donations at any Bank of Springfield location.

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