Illinois police may soon have a new way to test if a driver is impaired

Illinois police may soon have a new way to test if a driver is impaired.

December is known as national drunk and drugged driving awareness month.

Now at least one Illinois police force will be testing a new way to determine if someone is driving while impaired.

Carol Stream police are going to try swabbing as a new, at first, voluntary method to test drivers they suspect to be under the influence.

The police will be among the first in the nation to have this new testing. However it will be on a trial basis.

For it to be used in courts, the system will have to be on course with the Frye standard, showing that it is accurate according to the scientific community.

Officers see it as a way to help make the task of deciding what influence someone is under easier.

"They can have alcohol and drugs or they can have multiple drugs. It's getting more complicated to be able to narrow down exactly how they are impaired. And it's important to be able to determine that and prove that so they can be prosecuted," Macon County Sheriff Howard Buffett said.

The testing system will start in Carol Stream in February.

While officers in Illinois and Macon county are hopeful they will soon have their own version of it.

Buffett said they they are currently working with the state to get their officers trained on new systems to determine if someone is under the influence.

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