Illinois inspectors climb over, under fair rides for safety

state fair.PNG

The carnival rides at the Illinois State Fair symbolize the annual summer festival -- the bigger, faster, and scarier, the better.

And there are six Illinois Department of Labor inspectors who spent last week trying to make sure they don't become catastrophic.

Amusement ride safety inspectors worked four days going over about 65 amusement rides in three different areas of the fair. Chris Wieneke (WIH'-nih-kee) is assistant director of Labor. He says inspectors climb all over the equipment "looking at every piece of it, every connection, every pin."

A 2017 crash at the Ohio State Fair killed one and injured seven. But Ken Kolosh of the National Safety Council says injuries are "a rare event."

The council estimates an amusement-park rider has a one in 1.25 million chance of injury.

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