Illinois Attorney General candidate talks campaign plans

Illinois Attorney General candidate talks campaign plans

Wednesday was Governor's Day at the fair where Republicans had their chance to talk about the party's agenda.

Among the speakers was former Miss America Erika Harold who's running for Illinois Attorney General.

The 37-year-old announced her candidacy Tuesday.

After winning the Miss America Pageant in 2003, Harold started a program to fight bullying in schools.

Harold, a Republican, is framing her campaign as a bid to defeat special interests and career politicians.

"I want to run for attorney general because I think our state deserves someone who will be an independent voice for the people someone who will use the tools of their office to combat public corruption and someone who will be unafraid to speak truth to power even when that power is in the Speaker of the House, Michael Madigan," said Erika Harold, candidate for Illinois Attorney General. "Lisa Madigan has not stepped up to that challenge and I will."

Harold ran for Congress in 2014 but lost in the primary to current Congressman Rodney Davis.

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