House fails to reverse 'right-to-work' veto

House fails to reverse 'right-to-work' veto (Courtesy: Jon Jenkins)

Gov. Bruce Rauner has won a small victory as the House failed to override his veto of legislation banning local governments from setting up "right-to-work" zones.

Des Plaines Democratic Rep. Martin Moylan's legislation stated that only the state government has the authority to set rules regarding union membership.

The override vote Wednesday was 70-42 -- one vote short.

A worker in a "right-to-work" jurisdiction may hold a union job with labor-union protections but not have to join the bargaining unit or pay dues.

Making Illinois a statewide zone was part of Republican Rauner's agenda when he took office in 2015. It failed. The Chicago suburb of Lincolnshire established a local one at Rauner's urging. A federal court invalidated it in January. The judge said only a state can establish such a zone.

Governor Bruce Rauner issued the following statement following General Assembly action on Senate Bill 1905:

“The people of Illinois scored a victory today. The House of Representatives rejected efforts to close a door to job opportunity here.
Instead, courageous House lawmakers stood together to dump the old playbook and move forward to make Illinois more competitive.
Local communities should be able to decide how best to compete for jobs and choose reforms that can make their economies stronger, help their businesses grow and give the freedom to individual workers to support a union at their own discretion.
It will help Illinois be better positioned to be competitive nationally and globally and create opportunity for all the people of our state.”
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