High school students give back through Operation Hope

High school students give back through Operation Hope (WICS)

Some high school students are learning to give back this week as they prepare special gifts for families in the community.

Students from Central and Centennial High School came together to wrap presents and make holiday cards for Restoration Urban Ministries and the Swann Special Care Center.

It’s part of Unit 4's Operation Hope program that helps students hope for a better future and to give back to the community.

“These are students, that some of them have never have experienced this community service like this,” Career service placement liaison Sheldon Turner Sr. said. “So, I am overjoyed with seeing all of the students doing all of this great stuff for the community."

“To us, it's just giving us back that joy because we're able to help them out," shared Jennifer with Operation Hope.

The holiday cards and gifts will be delivered Wednesday night.

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