Henson Robinson Zoo mourns loss of black lemur

    Blossom, the black lemur. (Photo: Henson Robinson Zoo)

    Henson Robinson Zoo lost one of its own Wednesday.

    38-year-old Blossom, a black lemur, passed away Jan. 9. Zoo officials said she was found lethargic with a decreased appetite.

    Zoo officials decided euthanasia was the most humane decision for Blossom.

    Blossom outlived the median life expectancy of 25 years for black lemurs in zoos, according to zoo officials.

    "We have been blessed by Blossom," General Curator Jeff Mitchell said in a press release. "She was an amazing ambassador for her species, which is in decline in Madagascar and for lemurs in general. She was charismatic and just an all-around joy to have at the zoo. The keeper staff and our visitors will miss her."

    Blossom was the oldest animal at Henson Robinson Zoo. She was born April 1, 1980 at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago.

    She first came to Henson Robinson Zoo Sept. 16, 1992 and lived there for 26 years.

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