Habitat for Humanity gifts house for Christmas

Habitat for Humanity gifts house for Christmas

Christmas came early this year for one Springfield family. It's not the usual gift under your Christmas tree, it's even better, a house!

Kathy and her daughter Brionna have always lived in rental housing, that is until now.

"I've been wanting to own and this is my chance and I took it,"Kathy Baxter, said.

Thursday Kathy and her daughter Brionna became homeowners. Now, they're looking forward to many things.

"Being here and having Christmas in our new house," Brionna said.

"Owning! Just being in our own house and being able to do what we want with it, " Kathy said.

However, it was far from easy, they both had to put in the hours to get their home.

"Five years, it's taken a while, Brionna she went and put in hours because I worked during the day Monday through Friday," Kathy, said.

"It was very fun and it was something to do but I was very happy I was getting hours in to get a new house," Brionna, said.

Colleen Stone from Habitat for Humanity said applicants must be financially stable and must be able to make payments on their home among other things.

"You can't qualify for a traditional mortgage, if they do we expect them to do that so generally, they have credit issues or just the low income that they don't qualify for the traditional mortgage," Stone said.

Kathy and Brionna are looking forward to moving in soon and Brionna even has her room picked out.

Habitat for Humanity of Sangamon County has built 101 houses in Sangamon County providing shelter for more than 500 individuals in need.

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