Gun dealer licensing bill, Waffle House bill pass the Illinois Senate

ArmaLite Rifle (Photo by Emily Manley)

Two gun-related bills passed the Illinois Senate Wednesday.

The first was a new gun dealer licensing bill.

The sponsor, Sen. Don Harmon, D-Oak Park, said he worked across the aisle to draft this new bill.

Supporters said it’ll reduce illegal gun sales in the state, which in turn, will reduce the number of gun-related crimes.

Those opposed to the measure said while the bill is an improvement from the prior one that was passed, it’ll still end up hurting small businesses.

The governor vetoed a different gun dealer licensing bill in March.

Harmon drafted this new bill after being unable to get the votes to override his veto.

The second gun-related bill that passed is known as the Waffle House bill.

It would make stricter gun-transfering laws and penalties.

The bill was drafted after it was discovered the alleged Waffle House shooter’s father gave him back his guns after police took them away.

The bill would require anyone who takes possession of a firearm from a person who had the weapons taken away to fill out an affidavit and file it with the Illinois State Police and the local state’s attorney that says they understand their responsibilities under the law.

It’d also make it a Class 4 felony to transfer a firearm to someone without first checking to see if that person has a valid FOID card. Currently there’s no punishment for individuals who fail to check.

Both measures now head to the House for consideration.

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