Governor elect J.B. Pritzker announces transition plan

Governor elect J.B. Pritzker announces transition plan. (WICS)

J. B. Pritzker made the official announcement Thursday morning for his transition plan.

The governor elect, along with his Lieutenant Governor Juliana Stratton, announced their Budget and Government Innovation Working Committee.

They said this group will identify issues with the current budget and challenges their team will be tackling head-on.

Former State Comptroller Dan Hynes will chair the committee.

He said the budget is the top priority.

"Solving the budget crisis, which we all are very with and we don't need to remind you how severe it is, but with $8 billion in unpaid bills and pension liabilities and other financial services. It's going to take a group effort and creative thinking to set the state back on the correct financial path," Hynes said.

Pritzker's team, they also plan on working with AFCSME to come up with contract negotiations.

Their main goal is to deliver the needed services to the people of Illinois.

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