Friday Night Rivals: Pleasant Plains CSN

Friday Night Rivals: Pleasant Plains CSN (WICS)

It's a unique extracurricular activity. Students are learning more about their school thanks to their brand new broadcast team! Cardinal Student News: anchored by students for students at Pleasant Plains High School. While it debuted just four weeks ago on YouTube, the kids have plans to make it reach the entire student body.

"We have these TVs and everyone's like 'why do we have these?' so this is just something fun and we're trying to get them on TVs at some point.” Abby Robinson was determined to start a student-run newscast after some encouragement from a teacher. Since then, she's been recruiting other students for in front and behind the camera.

"Right now it's more of a fun thing, we do give updates on athletics and all the announcements. We do trivia, and we interview some of the teachers and students,” said Chloe Leonard, a Senior at Pleasant Plains High School.

And of course, they bring exciting news about their hometown Cardinals.

From their broadcast, Abby asks their principal, "What's going to be going on at the game on Friday, that's different than usual?"

He responds with "NewsChannel20 will be here Friday, so it's the game of the week between us and New Berlin. Both teams are 3-3, going to be a big game.”

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