Flu hits central Illinois hard this year

Flu hits central Illinois hard this year

It's a bad year for the flu, that's what doctors throughout central Illinois are saying as they're seeing more and more patients come down with influenza.

The Taylorville area is reporting a larger number of flu cases this year.

Dr. Chiniya Thapa from Springfield Clinic in Taylorville said Influenza is hitting people harder this year for many reasons, one being that many people are not getting vaccinated and they are spreading it.

Dr. Thapa said people should be getting their flu shots because they can be 40-60 percent effective, if not more. He said the Influenza should not be taken lightly because if complications occur, people can die from the flu if it's not treated right away.

"Complications happen and people can die from the flu if they don't get treatment at the right time. Even if they go home, if they get worse, they need to go back and see their own doctor or go to the emergency room if things are getting worse," Dr. Thapa said.

He said if you have symptoms like a sore throat, cough, headaches, or body aches you should contact your doctor right away because the sooner it's detected the faster they can get you the right treatment and the sooner you'll start to feel better.

Dr. Thapa also wants to remind people that simple steps like washing your hands and covering your mouth when you cough are all good ways to prevent spreading or catching the flu.

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