First snowfall covers central Illinois

First snowfall covers central Illinois

Sunday morning, many residents throughout Springfield had their Christmas wish come true, a white Christmas.

However, that fresh powder also posed as a problem for drivers, like Connie Wise.

"It was like a heavy fog and it was snowing heavy too, so it was kind of scary," said

Connie Wise, who lives in Springfield.

Wise said every time the first snow hits town, there are mistakes she always sees drivers make...

“They're driving too fast," explained Wise.

She's not the only Springfield resident with that opinion\.

“There's always people driving too fast," said Karl Pound, who lives in Springfield.

Pound said it always seems like people forget what driving in snow is like.

"It seems like they're always a few people that it takes them a little bit to drive carefully. They drive through a little too fast maybe stop a little too quick," he said.

To help reduce incidents, the city of Springfield sent crews out starting at 3:30 Sunday morning.

"We prepare for this, we've been preparing for months, we've really preparing all year around," explained

Mark Mahoney, city of Springfield Public Works

Crews plowed the roadways and salted every major road in Springfield.

The goal is to make sure everyone in the city has a safe holiday.

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