First Major Roundabout Coming to Springfield

A new traffic roundabout is coming to the west side of Springfield and the project is already underway. (WICS)

A new traffic roundabout is coming to the west side of Springfield and the project is already underway.

“I don't think it's going to help speed up traffic or necessarily slow it down,” Brendan Freitag said.

People living off of Archer Elevator Road are seeing roadblocks that have been set up outside their subdivision.

“Well, Archer Elevator Road and Iles is a pretty busy intersection and that's kind of the main way to the east end of town,” David Hope said.

Springfield Public Works is working to reduce the amount of stop and go traffic at the intersection by constructing Springfield’s first major round about.

Springfield Public Works Director Mark Mahoney says this is their test spot. He says they'll look at this to see if it can be used elsewhere in the city.

“This approach was good for this intersection,” Mahoney said. “It approves safety standards and it's been proven in other areas where they use them.”

Mahoney says the project is going to cost around two million dollars to build.

“I think most people who travel that road or live in that area know that this is needed and the whole corridor,” Mahoney said.

A couple people who live nearby have dealt with roundabouts before outside of Springfield.

“We were really confused there and went around a couple times before we got off where we needed to go.” Mark Wright said.

“I mean you got to be a defensive driver,” Freitag said. “So it is adding more to being vigilant towards the situation.”

They say to give it some time and you'll get used to this circle intersection.

“After a few times through, I imagine people will get the hang of it,” David Hope said.

“If they are well marked that helps a lot, so you know what street you need to get off at,” Wright said.

Mahoney says this roundabout could be done as early as the end of the year.

Mahoney says they're also looking to expand the Archer Elevator Road to Wabash Avenue in the future.

He says right now they don't have the funding for this project.

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