First accumulating snow to cause commute concerns Friday

Snowfall Forecast

A quick passing weather system Thursday night into Friday morning is going to give most of central Illinois the first measurable snowfall of the season. Unlike when we had snow falling in October that didn't stick, this snowfall will. Because of that fact and the time it's accumulating, road conditions may be poor during the Friday morning commute.

Something to note, we're only forecasting about 1" of snow, which isn't a lot by any stretch of the imagination. Because of the minimal totals no Winter Weather Advisories are going to be issued. Depending on how main roads or prepped of brimmed will depend on how good or bad road conditions will be. For the most part, bridges and lightly traveled roads will be the worst, while the interstates and major highways will fair much better.

1-2" for western Illinois and locations near the Illinois River like Winchester, Jacksonville, and Beardstown.
?1" for locations between Carrollton, Auburn, Springfield, Petersburg, and Lincoln.
1/2-1" for locations between Taylorville and Decatur,
? 1/2" for locations between Shelbyville, Champaign, and Danville.
Mainly a rain/snow mix with little to no accumulations near and along I-70.
***Some spots may see rainfall before changing to snow.

TIMING: Locations west of I-55 will see the snow begin between 8-11pm. All other locations north of I-70 will be the onset of snowfall between 10pm-2am. Spots near I-70 may see snow after 1am, but could also stay as rainfall. Snowfall will end between 4-8am. A few passing snow showers or snow flurries again possible Friday afternoon.

TRAVEL: Some roads may have snowy and icy spots during the Friday morning commute. Those traveling first thing in the morning before traffic picks up will see several slick spots. Bridges and lightly traveled roads that were not prepped will remain slick through the morning.

Be sure to follow the Storm Team Meteorologist Cheryl Lemke, Joe Crain, and Thomas Patrick on Facebook for live weather updates.

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