Federal lawsuit filed against Illinois State University

Illinois State University (File Photo)

Lawsuit Allegations and Comments: Johnson Law Group attorneys Brendan Bukalski and Douglas Johnson have filed a lawsuit against ISU seeking in excess of 1 million dollars for constitutional due process and Title IX violations regarding how ISU investigates and handles cases where male students are alleged to have committed acts involving sexual misconduct. Attorney Brendan Bukalski: "ISU wrongfully suspended and banned our client from the University, despite him being vindicated of the allegations and all wrongful conduct. The University’s unfounded charges that were filed against our client for sexual assault have had lasting social, economic, and reputational harm. For all of these reasons, John has brought this action to obtain injunctive relief and for money damages based on causes of action under the Constitution’s due process clauses and Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972.”
The Plaintiff, a former student at ISU, has filed the lawsuit under a fictitious name in order to maintain and protect his privacy and reputation, as he seeks redress against the ISU for its mishandling of false allegations of sexual misconduct against him by female undergraduate students. Attorney Douglas Johnson: "As a result of the University’s actions, John’s academic and professional prospects have been shattered, and his economic future has been severely compromised. ISU’s conduct has caused John severe emotional and physical distress, including panic attacks, loss of appetite, an inability to sleep through the night, nightmares, and anxiety."
In bringing this suit, John Doe seeks to clear his name. John Doe filed this action for injunctive relief and for damages arising out of the actions taken by ISU and its agents concerning false accusations of sexual assault and rape made against John Doe, who was then a student at ISU with an unblemished academic and disciplinary record. The University’s mishandling of the accusations against John Doe as well as what the suit alleges is a deeply flawed and biased disciplinary process resulted in John Doe’s suspension and eventually required his withdrawal from the University, permanently effecting his economic status.
Background of Title IX litigation: Title IX is a landmark anti-discrimination law that prohibits sex discrimination in federally funded schools. Since 2011, more than 150 lawsuits have been filed against Colleges and Universities involving claims of due process violations during the course of Title IX investigations and proceedings related to sex assault allegations.
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