FDA cracking down on highly concentrated caffeine products

Caffeine powder label (MGN Online)

The Federal Food and Drug Administration is cracking down on highly concentrated caffeine products.

The FDA says dietary supplements containing highly concentrated caffeine in powder or liquid forms is now considered illegal, a single teaspoon of highly concentrated caffeine powder contains about 20 to 28 cups of coffee.

FDA says bulk caffeine products may have killed at least two, which is why the FDA declared concentrated, bulk caffeine products illegal and they say they are working to get them off the shelves.

Part of the issue is that highly concentrated caffeine looks nothing like the kinds of caffeinated products we’re used to seeing. Instead, it can look like water if it’s in a liquid form or sugar if it’s powdered. “the consequences of a consumer mistakenly confusing one of these products could be toxic or even lethal.

The FDA has been warning about powdered caffeine since 2014, when an Ohio teenager died after using it. It’s also specifically asked sellers to stop providing it directly to consumers.

The say these products can cause serious health effects, including rapid or dangerously erratic heartbeat, seizures and death.

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