Family speaks out after search enters day 3

Missing Kayaker Search Day 3 2.jpg

It's day three of the search for missing kayaker Shane Shomidie.

The Springfield native was reported missing, Saturday night.

He was kayaking along the Sangamon River near Riverside Park in Springfield.

Right now, crews have packed up after an extensive search.

"We just want a true story of what happened. No more rumors, you know the more and more people keep putting rumors out there, it is making it hard on the family. We hear new rumors every minute and it's making it really difficult. The process is already horrifying as it is," Shane's Mother Della Thomas said.

His mother and father say that each day that goes by makes it more emotionally difficult.

"I haven't slept in days. Every scenario you can think of has entered my mind and when you think you get to the end of it, it just replays itself over and over. I just want to find my son. I just want this to be over," Shane's Father Mickey Shomidie said.

All we know is that he was kayaking on the river with three others when he went missing.

They have found Shane’s kayak but again no sign of him.

His mother says it is not only difficult for them but also for his children.

"He is a father of two little girls that love him and need him so much," Thomas said. "I mean he loved his baby girls he loves his baby girls. They need him we just want him found. We've gotta have some closure it's just tearing us apart just not knowing anything."

While there were officials going through articles earlier

There is no confirmation as to what, if any part, they played in Shane’s disappearance.

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