Families in need receive beds

Families in need receive beds

A story that is putting kids to sleep, in a good way, it's a program that gets kids sleeping in beds instead of the floor.

Something a lot of us take for granted, a good night's sleep.

"We needed a bed," Marilyn Mccoy said.

Before today Marilyn’s four grandkids were sharing one air mattress.

"They're awesome babies and this is just something I was able to receive and give to them," McCoy said.

Thanks to Slumberland and HSHS St. John's Children's Hospital, dozens of kids will now have a comfortable place to sleep.

"We want to make sure every child has a healthy start to their day and to achieve that. They need a warm comfortable bed at night," Bobbi Lettimore, Slumberland Springfield said.

A luxury Bobbi says a lot of kids don't have

"Especially children who have to go to school, they can't focus if they're tired. So to help children excel we are providing them a good night's sleep," Lettimore said.

The parent help line at St. John’s Children’s Hospital also donating a set of sheets for each bed and gift cards.

"Well it'll be awesome because they'll be able to sleep real good and be able to get up and go to school well rested and be able to go through the school day with a good sleep," Mccoy said.

It's a win win situation.

"Their appreciation of our event is really the best part of this event." Lettimore said.

"I just thank Jesus that we were able to receive this," McCoy said.

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