Faith Coalition leaders asking Sangamon County Board for change

Faith Coalition leaders asking Sangamon County Board for change

The Faith Coalition for the Common Good leaders are asking the Sangamon County Board to change the boards' new Lincoln Economic Development Corporation.

The purpose of the new commission is to find ways to boost the county's economy.

However, the Faith Coalition believes it doesn't properly represent the Sangamon County community.

"We're not asking anybody to step down, we're not asking anybody to move but just add some diversity on the board," President of the Faith Coalition Pastor Silas Johnson said.

The Faith Coalition is making three demands of the Sangamon County Board.

  • They want to $25,000-$50,000 membership per year to be eliminated.
  • To establish a long-term strategy for accountability for the EDC.
  • To create a diverse EDC with the representation of minorities, women, and youth.

The county administrator said they want to please as many people as possible but there are still things they have to keep in mind.

"We want a more diverse EDC, absolutely everyone agrees with that, but we can't stray too far away from that important principle that this is driven by the private sectors," Sangamon County Administrator Brian McFadden said.

The report proposed 27 members of which 23 where white businessmen, three women, and one person of color from the Black Chamber.

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