ERA moves one step closer to ratification in Illinois

(Photo by Rachel Droze)

The amendment aimed at giving everyone equal rights regardless of sex took another step forward on Wednesday.

The Equal Rights Amendment passed out of a House Committee on a party-line vote.

The amendment was passed by the Senate in April, but hit some speed bumps in the House.

The ERA would amend the U.S. Constitution.

Those against the amendment said it could cause gender designations to be removed from prisons and bathrooms.

They also said it would support abortion.

“We’ve got to realize that these are our future citizens, this is our nation and we’ve got to defend the [defenseless], which is the child,” ERA opposer Frank Turekis said.

Supporter said that’s not true.

They want the amendment ratified because they said it’ll give women the equality they deserve.

“This is about equality for all of us in this state and in this nation, so we can have the ability to survive,” ERA Action Illinois State Director Jeanne Dauray said.

Rep. Lou Lang, D-Skokie, is the amendment’s sponsor in the House.

Lang said he hopes to call the resolution before lawmakers break for summer, but wants to make sure he has all the votes first.

The deadline to pass the ERA was technically in 1982, but lawmakers believe there are several legal arguments to back that ratification is still valid.

One argument is that the 27th Amendment was ratified 203 years after its proposal.

The House needs a total of 71 votes to ratify the amendment.

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