Election 2018: Democratic candidate for governor Chris Kennedy

Chris Kennedy. (Photo Courtesy: Chris Kennedy Campaign)

Chris Kennedy is one of six Democrats running for governor in the upcoming Illinois General Primary Election.

"I think it may seem strange for people to think of a member of the Kennedy family taking on the status quo, but frankly, that's been our history for decades,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy isn't looking to change that family tradition.

He said the state's on the wrong track and he wants to step up and fix it.

"The first thing that we need to do is fully fund our schools,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy said education continues to be poorly funded because schools are funded with property taxes.

"We cling to that system, unlike other states because a handful of elected officials like Speaker [Michael] Madigan are property tax appeals lawyers,” Kennedy said. “They're making money on a system that's damning the next generation to a life of economic servitude."

Kennedy said while it's not illegal to do that under current law, he thinks it should be.

By improving education, Kennedy said the state's economy will get a boost.

"Jobs move to where the highly educated young people are,” Kennedy said. “Capital follows talent."

Kennedy isn't afraid to stand up to the democratic party to make Illinois the best it can be.

"We can be called opponents to our party as long as people remember we're always patriots to our country,” Kennedy said. “That's who we are as Kennedy Democrats.”

See Kennedy’s full interview below.

We continue our candidate coverage on March 7 with a look at Democratic candidate for governor Robert Marshall on Newschannel 20 at 6.

Illinois' Primary Election is on March 20.

Throughout this election year, we'll be using the hashtag #ILElection18. Search that on social media to follow along with the latest coverage. Also, follow statehouse reporter Rachel Droze on Facebook and Twitter and Newschannel 20 on Facebook and Twitter.

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