Elderly woman battered in Springfield home invasion

A 75-year-old woman was battered and bruised after a home invasion (WICS)

A 75-year-old woman was battered and bruised after a home invasion just after midnight Saturday, according to Springfield Police.

“I know that it was a vicious attack on an elderly lady,” neighbor Joe Dakin said. “The obvious intent was to steal, to rob."

The attack took place on the 2500 block of South 4th Street in Springfield.

“The lady ended up in the hospital or going to the hospital,” Dakin said. “She's at home, but she was badly beaten and that's wrong.”

Police said after opening the door for someone pretending to need help, two other suspects stormed the home, and beat the woman while robbing her house.

Law enforcement says they've seen problems like this in other situations.

"I've seen it to where they may have been there to do a burglary and someone happened to be home and it turned into a home invasion,” said Sgt. Travis Dalby with the Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies say because most people have cell phones, beware of strangers asking to use your phone.

"They do not care the age, the race, the sex,” Sgt. Dalby said. “They're only there for one thing, one thing only. To get whatever it is that they're going to get, and that they didn't have to work for, and get out.”

If you do get a late night knock on the door, law enforcement said turn on the outdoor light and talk through the door. If you don't feel comfortable answering, call 911.

Neighbors also suggest making sure your screen door is locked.

"If someone comes knocking at your door and you open up the inner door and you don't like what you see you can shut the inner door and call the police,” Dakin said.

Law enforcement also wants to remind citizens they have the right to use whatever force necessary to protect his or her life.

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