Dozens Hold Clean Energy Rally At Capitol

    Dozens Hold Clean Energy Rally At Capitol / WICS

    3 dozen activists from several sectors gathered in the state capitol rotunda Thursday to urge Governor Rauner to support the Environmental Protection Agency's "clean power plan".

    The governor was not in the office, attending to business in Chicago Thursday.

    The activists say the plan will not only provide clean air and clean water for all Illinois communities, but also produce clean and sustainable energy and tens of thousands of jobs.

    Advocates say the health and economic benefits will positively impact every community in Illinois.

    "We're seeing those communities that exist around the coal plants --the outdated coal plants that have not made upgrades-- suffering from more of the emissions from those plants," said Shannon Fulton, Straightup Solar.

    "We're working on training that skilled labor force to help advance renewables in the state of Illinois," said Michelle Knox, Windsolarusa.

    Supporters of the EPA plan delivered a petition signed by 35-thousand people to the governor's office, which were received by staff.

    In response, the governor's office says in a statement "we will continue to analyze the costs and impacts of all possible compliance options so that we can fully evaluate all of the state's options."

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