District 186 students stage walkout to protest gun violence

District 186 students stage walkout to protest gun violence

Springfield High School was one of the thousand schools across the country that participated in Wednesday’s walk out.

Two other District 186 schools, Southeast High School and Lanphier High School, participated in the nationwide walk out as well.

March 14, also marks one month since 17 people were killed at a Florida High School.

At exactly 10 a.m., about 250 students walked out of Springfield High School.

They stood outside for 17 minutes.

One minute to represent each person killed in last month's shooting.

During that time, student organizers read the names and short descriptions of the victims.

We spoke to some of the students that organized this walk out. They told us they were impressed by the number of students that came out in solidarity.

They hope that lawmakers can also rally behind them and the other thousands of students who participated.

Those student organizers also told us that they were thankful for the administrators and teachers that showed them support and allowed them to stand up for what they believe in.

District 186's spokesperson also sent out the following statement on the walk out: "Our goal is to allow peaceful and safe participation and minimize disruption of the school day. Student organizers are invited to coordinate and agree upon a set of guidelines with school administration. Student participation is completely voluntary and students will not be penalized for participating so long as they follow the agreed upon guidelines."

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