District 186 School Board Candidate Profile: Micah Miller

    (Photo Courtesy: Micah Miller)

    Name and position running for:

    Micah Miller, School Board Member for Sub-District 2 in District 186

    Why are you running?

    I am running for this position because I have two daughters, one of which is in first grade in a District 186 school (Springfield Ball Charter), and my youngest will be starting Kindergarten next year as well. I want to make sure that my children, the children in Sub-District 2 and the children throughout all of District 186 have the resources necessary to receive a great education, just like my wife and I did when we went through 186 schools.

    What would be your first priority if elected?

    My first priority would be to ensure the implementation of the Phase 1 Master Plan for facility upgrades in District 186. The voters of Sangamon County and my family voted for this sales tax increase and I want to ensure the plan for this funding is followed in a timely and fiscally responsible way. Our high schools in particular are long overdue for major renovations and I am excited about the upgrades that are currently described, especially for my old high school, Lanphier.

    What are three other issues you’d like to tackle if elected?

    I want to make sure School Board meeting agendas and minutes are easier to locate and access for the general public and I would like to see more updates to the School Board News section, especially because of all the updates that will be occurring structurally. I would also like to explore the feasibility of an Industrial Arts program returning to the middle schools and I would like to pay regular visits to the schools within my Sub-District (Jane Addams, Enos and McClernand) in addition to some of the other schools who may not be getting regular visits from representatives.

    What else would you like voters to know ahead of April’s election?

    I want voters to know that I’ve lived on the North end, specifically in Sub-District 2, my whole life. I was a student at two of the three schools located in my Sub-District (Jane Addams and Enos), in addition to Grant Middle School and Lanphier High School. I’ve lived on the Northwest side of town and now the Northeast side of town and I love walking through any neighborhood in-between and talking with old neighbors and friends. I’m just a proud Northender who believes in 186 schools and intends to be a part of the solution when it comes to our public school system. I encourage anyone who has questions about my race to please feel free to contact me at micahmillerfor186@gmail.com or through my Facebook page at Micah Miller for 186. I believe that communication is imperative to properly representing my Sub-District and I will continue to seek insight, opinions and the first-hand experiences of the individuals I represent. I ask for your vote on April 2.

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