Dangerous mistake at school drop off zones could have major consequences

Dangerous mistake at school drop off zones could have major consequences

With school back in full swing, Springfield Police have been conducting daily patrols around school zones.

Officers said they continue to see parents making a dangerous mistake.

“A lot of parents will drop their kids off at the side of the street opposite of the school, which then forces their kids to cross the street,” explained Sergeant Kris Rhodes, with the Springfield Police Department.

Springfield police said whenever there is a large presence of children, parents need to be extra cautious.

Harvard Park Elementary School has 430 students. Those students are all released in a 15-minute time frame.

Staff there works to ensure every parent knows the drop off and pick up rules.

"Dismissal time can be very chaotic when we don't have people following the procedures and policies we have in place,” said Principal Jim Hayes, with Harvard Park Elementary School.

Staff there says when hundreds of kids are out at once, it's vital parents are cautious and patient.

"If they allow kids to run across the street to get to their car faster they might get their child to their car faster, but in the long run they’ve created an unsafe environment for their child," said Hayes.

Parents at Harvard Park said they're extra cognizant when dropping off their children.

"I take the safety measures, I wouldn't want my child harmed, I wouldn't want another child to get harmed because of me not paying attention or somebody else not paying attention," said Erin Clotfelter, a Springfield mom.

Hayes said if you don't know the drop off rules it's vital you ask staff with your child's school.

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