Dangerous local NYE incidents include alcohol, fire, guns, and weather

Dangerous local NYE incidents include alcohol, fire, guns, and weather

The holidays are all fun and games for celebrations until someone gets hurt.

They remind everyone to stay safe and understand it's not just your life you're putting at risk.

“Very easy to accidentally start a fire,” said Springfield Fire Marshal Chris Richmond.

Officials have seen fires, drunk driving deaths, and injuries in Springfield over big holiday weekends.

"We never want to see a night,” said Richmond. “That's supposed to be fun and celebratory, end in tragedy."

New year’s eve comes and with it, more fun and more scenarios prone to accidents.

Officials see more alcohol-related fatalities and more at-home fireworks and sparklers.

"I think just to stay educated,” said one resident, Danielle Gibbs. “And know how to use them and take into account where you are... Just keep in mind how they work and how dangerous they really can be."

"Don't endanger your life or someone else’s' life,” said one resident Taylor Vazquez. “Because you want it to be easy. And you just want to drive home drunk, don't do it."

Officials are worried for another rare, but possible, situation.

"We did have an unusual and somewhat tragic incident a few years ago,” said Richmond. “Here in Springfield, where someone fires a gun into the air as a new year’s celebration, you know those bullets come down and when you're in a residential area. Unfortunately, on occasions, those come down and hit someone and that's what happened here in Springfield a few years ago. Tough situation, we never want to see that again, so let's avoid the guns."

The weather will also plummet, to freezing.

"If you're outdoors,” said Richmond. “Try to stay outdoors for 10 minutes or less to avoid any kind of hypothermia or freezing problems."

"Have fun,” said one resident, Kitty Wrigley. “But remember you want to be here for the new year, that's what the point is."

She said keep safe and keep the new year resolutions.

"2017 we leave behind a year where here in Springfield we had two fire deaths,” said Richmond. “Next year we're hopeful that we're going to reduce that number down to zero."

There will be more local police and fire officials out New Year’s weekend.

They say it's to account for the many emergency calls they're anticipating for the big holiday.

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