CWLP surveys for underground leaks

CWLP surveys for underground leaks

Springfield’s City, Water, Light, and Power will have a contractor survey nearly 200 miles of water main.

They are looking for any underground leaks in an effort to minimize water loss.

While the threat for a water main break has lessened because of rising temperatures.

It is still a possibility due to possible pipe pressure. Making this survey all the more important.

"Over the years, we have found millions of gallons. It's hard to quantify because we don't if the leaks started the day before or three years, how long. But we can quantify how much is coming out at the time," Springfield Water Division Manager Ted Meckes said.

Leak repairs, if needed, will be scheduled and completed.

That will come after the initial survey work.

So far, the survey has found 235 leaks that were previously unknown.

Officials ask if you see a crew, please be careful, slow down and give them plenty of room to do their job. They will be working mostly between South Grand Avenue and I-72.

The survey has been annual since 2008.

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