Congressman Darin LaHood On Future Relations With Russia


With a new administration comes questions of what President-elect Donald Trump’s foreign could mean for the U.S. relationship with Russia.

Congressman Darin LaHood says he thinks Trump’s cabinet members will advise the president against easing relations with Russia.

But LaHood says he will work against policies that could give Russia more power.

“I think Putin wants to be a player on the national stage and any way he can do that by thumping his chest and doing that, he’s going to do that. But you look at their record on human rights, it’s been abysmal,” said LaHood, (R) Illinois. “You look at their adversial approach to Ukraine when it comes to Eastern Europe, when it comes to Syria, they have been on the opposite side of America.”

LaHood also says he trusts the intelligence community and the information they provide when it comes to Russia.

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