Community cooperation needed in shooting investigations

To share tips with police anonymously, call Champaign County Crime Stoppers at 217-373-TIPS. (WICS)

Five victims, three shootings, all in the span of one week.

It's this equation that has community leaders speaking out.

"For those individuals that are committing these heinous acts in our community, we must say this is unacceptable.” Community Coalition Facilitator Tracy Parsons said.

Champaign’s Community Coalition is a city effort bringing law enforcement and citizens together to improve and strengthen the community.

Recently, gun violence and encouraging people to cooperate with police investigations have been at the top of their agenda.

“Share what they know,” Parsons said. “Because it really is something where we all are in danger. These incidents are happening in very public spaces, so we all are at risk.”

Champaign Police agree.

Deputy Chief Dave Shaffer explained this to Fox Illinois during an interview on Saturday evening.

“With regard to the Central incident, there was a lot of people that were there. Both adults and students from Danville and Champaign,” Deputy Chief Shaffer said.

He said even those who didn’t attend the game, but just live in the area, could provide helpful information to the investigation.

"Some of those houses may have a security system, there may be video of the incident,” Deputy Chief Shaffer said. “We know today everybody is outfitted with a cell phone. So there may be something worthwhile on a cell phone."

Champaign police have not made any arrests in either shooting that happened Friday, December 8 One took place outside Central High School, the other on the 2000 block of Cynthia Drive.

Champaign Community Coalition meets Wednesday, December 13 at 3:30 p.m. at the Champaign Public Library.

To share tips with police anonymously, call Champaign County Crime Stoppers at 217-373-TIPS.

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