Committee of the Whole holds decision on $8.5M expenditure to CWLP

Committee of the Whole holds decision on $8.5 million expenditure to CWLP

Committee of the Whole held the decision on the CWLP’s $8.5 million recommendation, which means it will stay in the committee.

Tuesday, a formal bid protest came up, which said CWLP needed a full evaluation of the supplies, which in this case are limestones before they’re bought.

The person who put in the formal bid protest said he needs to make sure the limestones will be compatible and the best choice for with the pollution control devices.

CWLP said the limestones would use for filtering and cleaning product, including removing mercury in their CWLP processes.

A formal bid protest is an option when a district is considering a purchase more than $25,000 in aggregate equipment sale on an annual basis.

It was expected Tuesday by the Aldermen, but the problem came up that there were still some lingering pieces of the formal bid protest that were not put together in time.

Committee decided to hold the ordinance for four weeks, until the next Committee meeting which would be in January.

The Aldermen were also presented with budget concerns.

This included the decline in income and sales taxes along with worry for a negative cash balance in the near future.

"Our most important months,” said Mayor Jim Langfelder. “Are right here November and December, we'll see how the shopping goes and hopefully we have an above budget amount on sales revenues but if not, that's where we have to take a look at or we'll have to take a look at things regardless."

A different CWLP ordinance did pass committee Tuesday.

It's for $1.1 million to buy gas and pollution filtering for their coal burning process. CWLP’s Chief Utility Engineer said it’s for something called hydrated lime which will remove acid mist out of the gases, which is a part of the energy creation process.

Also Tuesday, Committee of the Whole approved two backup snow removal services.

The aldermen said it's nearing the holidays and freezing temperatures.

They passed two ordinances of $75,000 each, one with P.H. Broughton & Sons Inc and Cajun Lawn Care, and another with Reyhan Bros., Inc. D/B/A Sangamo Construction, and Lewis Excavation & Snow Removal.

These companies will be on standby through the winter months in case of any major snowfall or if the city needs any help with cleaning up the streets.

"I think they always remove the snow relatively well,” said one Springfield resident, Joe Kozak. “I remember a couple years ago we got 18 inches and that was removed relatively quickly, considering if it's going to be cold it might as well be crisp and cold and have white, wonderful snow for Christmas."

Committee of the Whole also passed an ordinance for a master telecommunications contract service agreement with hospital sisters health systems for the office of public utilities.

This snow-removal service is only a recommendation for City Council to vote on next Tuesday.

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