College Students Looking Elsewhere for School in Budget Crisis

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Governor Bruce Rauner has vetoed a bill to fund the Monetary Award Program.

The MAP grant helps students pay for college, but Rauner says the state can't afford to fund the nearly 400-million dollar program.

Governor Bruce Rauner said it would have exploded the state's budget deficit and placed further strain on social service providers.

Now some students at the University of Illinois Springfield are worried how they'll pay for college.

This is adding more pressure on students who need grants to continue their higher education.

Two students at the University of Illinois Springfield rely heavily on the Monteray Award Program for their schooling.

"It would affect me a lot, so I am kind of concerned about it even though I'm not the greatest at keeping updated with because I have a lot going on," said UIS Sophomore Madison Shane

Though busy with her studies.

Shane says she might be looking elsewhere if map grants don't get funding.

"It really does like make or break your college decision. It kind of affects whether or not you're going to go to a university or community college," said Shane.

With the uncertainty one student is looking to making sure she continues her education at UIS.

"So, if I did lose this map grant I would have to pull out significantly more loans compared to now," said UIS Junior Brittney Heid.

It's not only people attending colleges who are feeling the squeeze

Department of Children and Family Services employee Fannie Owens has been on the front lines dealing with people in need of social services.

She says the lack of state funding is trickling down to kids who are in their early stages of education.

"There are a lot of kids who are delayed developmentally. So people are delayed you know educationally," said Owens.

For their parents she says their incomes are being affected.

"It impacted their employment because they couldn't find a baby-sitter that would keep their children," she said.

In a statement Governor Bruce Rauner said "I veto Senate Bill 2043 from the 99th general assembly, which would explode the state's budget deficit, exacerbate the state's cash flow crisis, and place further strain on social service providers and recipients who are already suffering from the state's deficit spending."

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