Cold weather stops several car batteries from working

Cold weather stops several car batteries from working.

During the recent cold spell, many cars have an extra kick when they are first starting up to drive.

That is due to one's car being cold as well as the battery.

But mechanics and tow truck companies said over the past few days, battery powered cars have been having trouble.

While being stuck in a deep freeze sounds like a nightmare, it is a reality as more cars are stalling and dying.

Prompting mechanics to remind people to check their batteries more often.

"It's important to check the health of your battery, the age of your battery, because your battery gets sick in the heat and it dies in the cold, cold weather and we got cold, cold weather," Springfield Battery Co. General Manager Lou Neuf said.

As the temperatures continue to drop sharply, problems with cars are starting to rise.

"Like I said, we've done 61, 61 jump starts in 24 hours. That's, we don't do that in a week usually. It's probably almost double our regular workload," Owner of Shaner's Towing Shane McDermith said.

But the calls are coming in so fast that there are not enough people at tow truck companies able to respond.

"We're having to run our guys in shifts it's been so busy to try and stay up with it," McDermith said.

Giving a reminder for those on the road to check all the vitals on their car.

"It's really important to check your tire pressure, because of the cold weather. You'll lose tire pressure. It's important like I said, to check all of your fluids, check your battery," Neuf said.

If they do stall or break down in their cars, tow companies hope customers will have patience while waiting for them to arrive to help.

"Just know that, please don't get frustrated. I'm sure everyone in town is backed up, I'm sure we're all backed up. We will get to you one way or another," McDermith said.

While it may be easy to only bring what you grab on the way out, it is also important to be conscious about what you may need in case you break down or stall.

That could include bringing a blanket, non-perishable food as well as jumper cables.

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