Clarence man accused of manufacturing bombs in Minnesota mosque bombing

18-year-old Ellis Mack and 22-yer-old Joe Morris were both in federal court Friday for their detention hearing. (WCCU)

Two of the four Clarence men arrested this week on gun charges appeared in federal court Friday in Urbana. Ellis Mack, 18, and 22-year-old Joe Morris were both in court for their detention hearing.

Prosecutors believe Morris made the bombs involved in the Minnesota mosque bombing August 2017 and attempted bombing of Champaign's Women's Health Practice November 2017.

Michael McWhorter,47, 29-year-old Michael Hari, and Morris all of Clarence are suspects in the Minnesota mosque bombing and attempted bombing of the Champaign abortion clinic.

Morris waived his preliminary hearing Friday. The judge ordered him to remain in custody pending trial adding Morris' risk of danger to the public is "tremendous."

Stepson of McWhorter, Mack was ordered to remain detained until the case is resolved. Mack was arrested Tuesday in connection with a gun offense but was not identified as a suspect in the mosque attack.

His mother and wife of Michael McWhorter, Josie McWhorter, was also in court and left the hearing in tears.

Mack's preliminary hearing is Wednesday, March 21.

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