City officials welcome students to school

City officials welcome students to school

Monday marks the first day of the Week of the Young Child.

The teachers and administrators of the Early Learning Center wanted to get the kids ready for school with a warm welcome.

The center welcomed the Springfield Fire Department, the Springfield police department and Springfield Public Works.

Together the departments welcomed all the students into the school with smiles and high fives.

The Springfield Fire Chief Allen Reyne says he looks forward to the student’s reactions.

"At first, they are a little shy, but when they realize what’s going on with the loud music, the fire department, the police officers, and public works, they get excited," said Springfield Fire Chief Allen Reyne.

The teachers say that they just want to make the students feel loved and important.

The Early Learning Center also has many activities planned for throughout the week.

The celebration has been going on for several years and the teachers say they look forward to it.

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