City of Springfield responds to coal contract lawsuit

City of Springfield responds to coal contract lawsuit

Response from the City of Springfield Regarding the Lawsuit Filed by Michael and Jennifer Frakes
The Mayor’s Office received an official copy of the lawsuit today, December 1, 2017. The claim asks that the coal contract with Arch Coal, which was approved by the Springfield City Council in April 2016, be set aside. The plaintiffs allege that the City Council did not have knowledge of or access to the Ely Consulting Report during the coal negotiation process. However, official meeting records show that the Ely Consulting Report was provided to the members of the City Council on March 22, 2016 at the Committee of the Whole meeting during Executive Session.
During this session, Mayor Langfelder advised the alderman that they could meet with Corporation Counsel and review the report in detail at their convenience. Copies were also provided during this Executive Session. However, due to the pending negotiation and possible arbitration proceedings, it could not be publicly released.
The City coal contract discussions occurred with the City Council on the following dates:
Executive Session
October 6, 2015
December 15, 2015
December 29, 2015
February 23, 2016
March 22, 2016

Public Debate
March 1, 2016
March 8, 2016
March 22, 2016
April 5, 2016

All contract issues were discussed thoroughly in public including all the items in the Ely Report. Attached is a copy of the meeting minutes when the coal contract was publicly discussed along with a copy of the Ely report.

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