Church helps homeless stay warm

First Presbyterian Church opened its doors today to all those who don’t have a warm place to spend in the freezing temps.

The church welcomed homeless people inside for some hot coffee and tea.

Since it is a holiday some homeless shelters are closed or close early.

The church says they opened their doors because they don't want to see people sleep outside in this weather.

"We are a downtown church and this is God's house and all of God's people are welcomed." Susan Phillips, Pastor, said.

"Outside is not a good thing because you have to sleep in a sleeping bag or sleep in a quilt and sometimes you got people come kick you and throw paper at you and treat you like you're a nobody and you just are struggling at the wrong time," Reginald Weatherspoon, said.

Some local shelters did open early but, still, there are a few people who will have nowhere to sleep and will be spending the night on the streets.

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