Changes are coming for smoke detector requirements

    Changes are coming for smoke detector requirements.

    A new amendment to the Illinois Smoke Detector Act will now require homeowners and businesses alike to make a change.

    It will change the battery requirements.

    Currently in Illinois, homeowners can have a smoke detector with a 9-volt changeable battery.

    However, by 2023, those will be phased out in favor of 10-year sealed batteries, which is something Illinois State Fire Marshals are in favor of for safety purposes.

    "A lot of times, people will pull them out to put them in their garage door opener, to put them in a toy and then they forget to put another one back in. This is a sealed unit that you can't take the battery out of, so you know as long as it's up in its place, it's good for 10 full years," Illinois State Fire Marshal Matt Perez said.

    Currently, 16 states require the use of 10-year sealed batteries.

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