Champaign protesters rally against ICE separating families

Champaign protesters rally against ICE separating families

The Trump administration's policy, forcibly separating children from their parents at the border with Mexico, faces more backlash.

Protests are breaking out across the nation, even in Central Illinois. Many local protesters said they've seen enough news about many families separated at the US-Mexico border.

Saturday, hundreds rallied in Champaign against ICE.

“I care a lot about them,” one protester, Angel Zanarina said. “And I care a lot about what's been going on these past few years."

Zanarina said many of her immigrant friends live in fear.

"Every day, and that's not even an exaggeration,” Zanarina said.

Protests happened right outside the Drury Inn around 11 a.m.

"That's terrible for kids to go through,” one protesting father, George Hardebeck said.

Hardebeck said he could never imagine being in that situation.

“There's no way that represents the kind of humanity that we all believe in,” Hardebeck said.

The Champaign-Urbana Unitarian Universalist Church said what happens at the border also happens elsewhere.

“We're upset that the ICE agents are here in our community snatching people away,” Ben Galewsky, of the Unitarian Church said. “And separating families here in our community; it's not just a border issue. This happens all over America and we don't want this happening here in our town."

This comes just days after President Donald Trump signed an executive order Wednesday to keep parents and children together if detained at the border.

"We don't like to see families separated,” Trump said. “At the same time we don't want people coming into our country illegally."

Yet Senator Dick Durbin said the executive order does not protect the children who are already separated from their parents.

“Call their senator,” Jan Kalmar, of the Unitarian Church said. “If they have a leadership role somewhere they can make magic happen the way they can and it will all contribute."

The Trump’s administration’s Zero Tolerance policy is designed to curb Central American migrants who say they're fleeing violence at home.

"I just want you to know,” Zanarina said. “That we're here and we're going to fight for you."

Some Trump supporters say the migrant parents are to blame, not the president, for the immigrant families getting separated at the US border.

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