Champaign PD on high alert after stranger danger incident

    Champaign PD are on high alert after a reported stranger danger incident. (File photo)

    The Champaign Police Department is warning the public of stranger danger after an incident was reported late Tuesday.

    Officers said they received a report that a 12-year-old female, after she got off the bus near John Street and Country Fair Avenue in Champaign, was approached by an unfamiliar vehicle, as said in a Facebook post.

    Police said the driver was a black male in his 20's who asked the young girl if she needed a rise.

    The department's post said the suspect asked the girl to enter the car several times with attempts to lure her in by using candy and other means.

    Champaign PD is still investigating the incident and have issued more patrol resources to monitor the area.

    Police said they also notified Unit 4 schools of the incident.

    Police urge parents and caretakers to talk with kids about remaining aware of their surroundings, not to enter a stranger's vehicle and how to respond during potential dangerous situations.

    For more information on keeping safe, click here.

    Any suspicious activity should be relayed to the CPD.

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