Cases of contagious stomach bug appearing in Illinois

    Cases of contagious stomach bug appearing in Illinois.

    Many thought as the cold temperatures left, it meant we were done with flu season.

    But, there's a new, very contagious stomach bug making its way across Illinois.

    Most cases are north of Central Illinois right now. But doctors say it can still move from person to person extremely quickly.

    Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and possibly a fever.

    "We see it year-round and most people associate it with the wintertime months just because you hear of the flu and the flu shot. But we see different times of the year different illnesses popup and we treat them as they go," Jessica Heil, a nurse at Memorial Express Care said.

    Doctors advise those who get the virus to drink more water than normal as the heat can lead to severe dehydration.

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