Bullying victim speaks out about the impact of bullying

Bullying victim speaks out about its impact

One in five U.S. kids are bullied each year.

However, studies show girl on girl bullying can be more harmful than physical bullying.

"It really brings your self-esteem down and it ruins your reputation sometimes,” explained Amelia Achas, a sixth grader in Williamsville.

Achas has been dealing with bullying for the last two years.

“There was a lot of name calling and fake accounts. It was really bad," she explained.

Achas said some girls at her school created fake social media accounts pretending to be her.

“They'll post something that makes you look like you posted something mean about someone else and then you'll get made fun of because you said something mean, but it wasn't you," said Achas.

Suddenly, she was isolated.

“Everyone was not talking to me or sitting by me, I felt really alone," said Achas.

The bullying Achas experienced is called relational bullying.

This is something common among teenage girls, according to Ashley Damery, the school councelor at Williamsville Junior High.

“They try to humiliate or embarrass each other, they tend to try to ruin somebody’s reputation, they might use personal information where they had be friends, against somebody that they’re mad at,” explained Damery.

She said this type of bullying can be more harmful than physical.

“Students that report relational bullying instead of physical bullying say relational bullying often does cause more stress than someone who pushes or hits. That is something they’re able to resolve much easier,” said Damery.

However, she said often time kids are scared to report bullying.

“It tends to be when it’s really bad that a parent steps in or something, or a student breaks down in class and when we ask them what’s wrong, it comes out that way,” said Damery.

Some signs that a child is being bullied include loss of friends, acting withdrawn, avoiding school, declining grades and more.

School officials said they take bullying very seriously and work to stop it before it begins.

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