Bill requiring schools to teach LGBTQ lessons passes Illinois House

    Capitol (Rachel Droze)

    The Illinois House passed a bill that would require public schools to include lessons on prominent LGBTQ figures in their history curriculum.

    Rep. Anna Moeller, an Elgin Democrat who’s sponsoring the bill, said the measure would help depict an accurate understanding of LGBTQ figures in the classroom.

    “This exclusion has denied students the opportunity to obtain a greater and more accurate understanding of world history,” Moeller said. “It also has denied LGBT people their identity and reflection in our school curriculum."

    The Inclusive Curriculum bill passed out of the House with the minimum number of votes needed if signed into law.

    Those opposed to this bill are worried how schools would pay for another curriculum requirement.

    They said school districts are already required to do too much without enough state funding.

    Illinois would be the third state to adopt these guidelines if this bill gets signed into law.

    It now heads to the Senate for their consideration.

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