Bike-share program passed and coming to Springfield

    Bike-share program passed and coming to Springfield. (WICS/WRSP)

    Your phone can help you to find things and now, thanks to a newly approved program, it can help you rent a bike in Springfield.

    It is similar to programs that have been used in different cities and towns across the nation.

    You can use an app to rent the bike for anywhere from one hour to a full day at a time.

    You will also be able to track where all the bikes are located through the app as well. That way if you are looking to rent one nearby you, you will know if it is available.

    The bike-share program is something Springfield Mayor Jim Langfelder calls a great step forward for those who have been working to bring it to Springfield.

    “Really making that happen on a higher level than just residents by also people that tour here and gives some other options to move around downtown and throughout Springfield,” said Langfelder.

    This new bike-share program, Gotcha Bike Company will not cost the city of Springfield any money.

    This is due to how the company’s business model works. It is paid by those who want to ride the bikes for however long they would like to be on them.

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