Bement daughter races to beat mom’s track record

Bemont daughter races to beat mom’s track record (WICS)

One local mother-daughter duo was making their mark on Illinois Track and Field Mother’s day weekend. Years ago, a Bement mom, Dianne Herring, set a race record while she was in 8th grade.

Now her daughter, Trinity, who just reached that grade, is trying to beat her record.

“I wish I could run it today,” Dianne said. “But there's no way in the world!"

Dianne is talking about track, specifically the 800 m.

In 1988, she set a 2:31 record at the state competitions.

"She's had it up there for so long,” Trinity Stroisch said. “So I wanted to beat it my 8th grade year especially."

Trinity followed her mother's footsteps and grew to love athletics through her middle school years.

"Very strong willed very determined,” Dianne said. “[Trinity] is going to go far in all of her track events."

Saturday, it was time to prove herself. Trinity was competing at state for track, with events including the 1600 m and the high jump, and of course the 800 m.

She was racing in Peoria as an eighth grader just like her mom did years ago.

"She's always been there for me,” Trinity said. “And she's always supported everything I do."

So, did Trinity beat her mom's record?

"She came 9 seconds away,” said Dianne. “She got her time at 2:40.69, So, it was close. She gave it her all though."

It’s an effort her daughter said isn't stopping now.

“It looks easy but it's not, and running it in 2:30,” Trinity said. “I think it's crazy."

Dianne said she will always be there, supporting.

"Everything in the world, they don't even know how much they mean,” Dianne said of her children. “Going to make me cry.”

Moving forward, Trinity said she's going to keep racing track as she goes into high school.

“Not everyone has friends at school that will support them the way a mother will.” Trinity said. “Really happy and glad you're my mother.”

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