Art Theater restores marquee after 60 years

Art Theater restores marquee after 60 years (WICS)

Things are looking a lot brighter at the Art Theater in downtown Champaign.

After 60 years without repairs, the theater's historic marquee has finally been restored.

The last restoration was back in 1958.

The theater started a crowdfunding campaign in February and with the help from the City of Champaign's match grant, the marquee can now shine some light on downtown.

"It's nice for the art to also stand as a symbol of a light here in downtown Champaign, for the kinds of unique films and programming and discussion that you won't see anywhere else," member of the board of Directors of Film Foundation Caroline Nappo said.

Every bulb in the marquee has been replaced with eco-efficient bulbs and support for the marquee itself has been repaired.

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