Annual tour brings business to downtown Springfield

    Annual tour brings business to downtown Springfield

    Downtown business participated in the 5th annual Vintage Love Tour.

    11 vintage and antique stores plus some pop up markets participated in the tour.

    The tour started when the owner of Springfield Vintage, Linda Renehan, wanted to find a way to get more business and help other local stores.

    Now it's a tradition.

    Renehan said there's no better time to do the tour than winter.

    “It's February, I mean there's not much to do right now so it gives you something to do,” said Renehan. “It's fun, we have our silly little charms that are in each shop so you're picking up a charm so at the end of it you have a really cute little necklace or bracelet and I think that's just the charm of it.”

    Hundreds of people came out to this year's event.

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