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Annual Joy of Sharing event highlights Springfield's generosity

Joy of Sharing (WICS)
Joy of Sharing (WICS)
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We teamed up with Green Family Stores and Walmart on Friday to collect donations for our annual Joy of Sharing.

People came out in numbers for the Joy of Sharing event to donate food, toys, diapers and even money.

"This is our third year for the big donations. This year we decided to give checks instead of toys. Make it easier on ourselves," said Brenda Offman, a donor.

Offman said that she and her sisters try to donate as much as possible in honor of family.

"Well our younger sister passed away two years ago and prior to her passing away, we always donated and brought toys but we decided when she passed away we were gonna donate in a big way," said Offman.

The proceeds go to HSHS St John’s Hospital, Toys for Tots and the Central Illinois Foodbank to help those less fortunate this holiday season.

"Christmas is a big time of the year where everyone comes together and the community comes through for us,” said Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Altevogt.

People said that they look forward to helping families out around Christmas.

Christmas is a real important time. I can't imagine being a kid from a family who didn't have the funds to buy presents," said Michael Ayers, a donor.

We saw just how generous the Springfield community is.

"Everyone who plays a part in this makes a big difference in these children's lives over Christmas time," said Altevogt.

One person even donated over $1000 of toys. Walmart donated $600 worth of merchandise.

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